Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Hello blog! Wasn't blogging for a while, was busy busy with my life, college and Cillian!
So Christmas is very soon, and everyone is preparing!Making decorations and stuff. 
I made few too. Few years ago I decided to make few handmade Christmas decorations every year, so when I'm old (or not that old, but in age) I will have all tree decorated with toys made by me.
Great idea! So here my this years decorations:

See Cillians little hand on the back of the picture? :)
Pictures not great, but they going to be great soon, cause Santy going to be good to me this year and bring me new camera! :)
Pattern is from my favorite blog - Lucy's Attic24. Love her blog and shes always so inspirational!
Still working om my Seashell Treasures from Dim, and also crocheting hot water bottle cover!
And busy in college too, we have to draw 20 A1's of our chosen object, so mite show few of them in my next post!
Hope everyone doing great and preparations for Christmas going well! We going to put our Christmas tree today or tomorrow, should be fun!
Keep warm and happy,
see you all very soon!


  1. Хорошие,очень уютные и главное только для твоей елки украшения.

  2. Spasibo! Dumaju ese paru kakix-nibud slepyt! A to proslas po blogam, u vsex vsio takoje krasivoje-novogodnije, cto i mne zaxotelos cego-nibud na elocku sdelat! :)


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