Saturday, December 8, 2012

Orange Sugar Cookies

Wanted something sweet and nice today, and I love when house smells of fresh bakery, so I decided to make Orange Sugar Cookies. Recipe is so simple, I took it here.
I just changed recipe for my own needs, instead of lemon I used orange, and also I added vanilla sugar, vanilla extract and a few drops of orange essence. TA-DAH! House smells amazing!
Work in progresss..

Made 3 of them

Full box of cookies, yum!
House: Smells amazing
Cookies: Taste amazing
Me: Amazingly happy


  1. Ocen vkusnenkoje polucilos! I malyshu ocen ponravilos! :)

  2. Ola!!! Como vai, tudo bem??? Adorei conhecer seu blog, fiquei ate com vontade de comer esses biscoitinhos de laranja!!!Um grande abraço!!! Venha conhecer meu blog tambem!!! Um grande abraço!!!!


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