Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pin Up Clothes Haul...

Hello hello, I am back!
Was busy with the life for a bit, loads of things happened, some of them not really good, but it's pretty fine at this stage! 
Was searching internet for nice maternity clothes one of the evenings, and then thought to myself - why the feck I need them (its less than 10 weeks left of my pregnancy), so instead of buying maternity clothes, I treated myself with nice AfterPregnancySexyMamaClothes! :) Most of them are from COLLECTIF, I am so in love this this brand!

So what I got:
* Collectif Ahoy Navy Dolores Dress
* Collectif Dolores Polka Dot Dress
* New Look Strapless Black Polka Dot Dress
* Collectif Black Dolores Polka Dot Dress
* Collectif Dolly Body Polka Dot (not in the picture)
* Collectif Baby Blue Top
* Collectif Rose Belt
* Pin up Orchid Hair Clip
* 50s Sunglasses

Also my Birthday is tomorrow, so mite see you for Birthday post!
Hope everyone doing fine!

Stay classy,

Froggy xxx

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