Sunday, October 27, 2013

My First Bullet Bra is finished...

Finally made it! Took me long time to start and only half of a 
day to finish! Love it! Also love the fabric, it an old vintage
embroidered fabric, which I found in my stash!
Its not perfect (I never was great at sewing anyway),
but its fits and looks nice! Size I made is C. As well I used
fastenings and straps from old black bra.
Here comes more pictures (sorry for gloominess-we have crappy
weather today, very dark and rainy):

Keep warm and cozy,
(I'm cooking stuffed peppers right now, 
so my house smells amazing)! :)

Froggy xxx


  1. Хороший результат,а как в ношении,удобен ли он?

    1. Spasibo! Ocen udobnij, dumaju ese parocku poshyt!


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