Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Boots and Soap & Glory...and Bullet Bra

Hey hey, hope everyone doing just fine!
Got lovely pair of cowboy boots this morning, yeee-haw!!! 
Absolutely in love with them, can not wait to wear them! Got them cheaply enough on Ebay! And yeah, they are Grinders (I adore their boots).

Tommy the cat love the box as you see! He also turned to big kitten now, and hes being amazing cat! We all love him so much, and he is part of the family now! x

Also my lovely sister got amazing Soap & Glory Birthday Box for birthday, and I fell in love with their stuff! all products smell amazing, packaging looks fantastic and vintage!!! Exactly for my taste! So after getting box for birthday I went to Boots today and got more stuff - hand cream, shampoo and make up remover! Also Boots has amazing deals on Soap & Glory stuff - buy 2 and get 3rd one free!

Moreover, I started to sew my first Bullet Bra last night (you can see sew-along picture in the top of the blog). Its going to be so awesome, and if that be success I wont be buying anymore bras in my life!!!

Stay happy and healthy,

Froggy xxx


  1. Сапоги потрясающие,красивые,стильные и видимо очень удобные.
    Мыло интересное.
    Бюстик-пуля в стиле 50-х,обязательно покажи как будет сидеть.

    1. Nasciot udobstva ese neznaju, budem nadejatsia cto udobnije! :) Biustyk dawno sobirals shit, nkonec ruki dosli, da i vykroika besplatnaja, prisoediniaisia, ese ne pozno!

    2. Пуля не мой фасон,но если есть выкройка еще какого-нибудь фасона я с удовольствием присоединюсь.


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