Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Witch Hood and Elise Shawl

OOOps! Wasnt blogging for a while, was busy enjoying my baby growing and bits of summer! :) But honestly I was working on some pieces. Made nice chocolate brown witchy cowl with hood for myself, as well made Elise shawl! Happy with both results! And what more happend to me, I got big bag of Fimo Clay and practicing to do buttons, jewellery and loads of small things! :) Its sooo much fun! Will share my works soon, im just begginer at the moment! :)
So here my master pieces! :)))
Witch Wanderer Hooded Cowl! Patern is from Raverly (my favorite website at the moment!) and you can find pattern here. By the way, Im in love with buttons, my best friend Lina got them for me, which makes this hood more special for me!

And lovely and so quick and easy Elise Shawl! LOve it (going to make it one more time, but from lighter wool!)

So thats my sharings for now, hope everyone doing well and enjoying the summer! We  have really crapy one, but me and Cillian still enjoying it! :)

Happy crafting!

Froggy XXX

P.S. me with Elise shawl, love the color of yarn by the way :)))

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