Monday, June 27, 2011

Productive Saturday or how I killed my lazyness!

Had very productive Saturday last weekend! Why you would ask? Cause I actually grabbed myself and put myself into work! :) Finished my Steel Pullover, quick and easy and definatelly wearable! Got yarn ages ago and didnt know what Im going to do with it. But when I saw this pattern on Raverly, I thought Yes! Thats it!!! :)
Its very hard to get the color right with camera, but I was trying hard!

 And heres my happy round smiley face with new pullover! :)))
You think that all Im showing? NO, no, no!!! Had steel crochet hooks, and got polymer clay! know what I mean, yeah? Yes, I made handles with polymer clay for my crochet hooks. Love it!!! Have original hooks now (I love knitting too, but CROCHET is my favorite!!!) Maybe they have mistakes, but I love them so much. Yay, more crochet works ahead! And by the way they very comfy to hold now! :)

And what else, when I made my hooks, I back crocheting my Prepster Jacket (from Debbie Stoller's 'Happy Hooker' book). See where hooks lying, thats it, this is piece of it! Im nearly finished, only sleeves and pockets left, and putting everything together of course. So soon I be sharing it here. Yay, cant wait to finish!
So thats my news for now!
Keep on crafting people!

Froggy XXX

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