Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Blog turned 1 today! Happy anniversary for me!!!

Yes, as you see from the post, my blog is 1 YEAR OLD TODAY!!! Cant believe a year gone since I've created it! So happy happy days!
Want to sorry straight away, but I wont be doing any Giveaways or something like that,as I saw so many girls, which blogs Im reading doing. Why? Because I literally have no time to prepare something for giveaway, and second thing is that my finacial situation is not good at the moment! :( So I leave it for now, but I promise that I organize Giveaway as soo as I can!!!
So happy anniversary my dear Blog!!!

In conclusion would like to THANK ALL MY READERS AND VISITORS for being with me and my blog all this year!!! Thanks that you all ARE!!!

Always your FROGGY XXX

P.S. For my Blog anniversary I made Lemon and Lime Cupcakes! Yum!
Cupcakes are from the pack, but icing I made myself! Its very simple: you just need 4 teaspoons of soft butter, 85 g of icing sugar, grated rind of 1 lime, and lemon juice! Mix it up and spread it over your cupcakes! Enjoy!


  1. Happy anniversary froggys blog! :)

  2. Алина,поздравляю! Процветания твоему блогу и дальнейших творческих высот!!!!!!

  3. Поздравляю с годовасием!)

  4. Thanks Karol!!!

    Spasibki Helena, budem staratsia!!!

    Spasibo Ania!!!

  5. М-м-м, какие кексики вкусные! :)))
    Алина, поздравляю с первой годовщиной! Люблю твой блог и желаю продолжать в том же духе! :)))

  6. Spasibki Airin! Daze kak-to ne verytsia, cto blogu uze God! :) Nadejus ne poslednij! :)


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