Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yay! As you see from the name of the post my few works got framed! My dear father made them frames for me, and I just love them! First is my work 'Fairy with baby', probably is my favorite work, cause I stitched it for my preciuos boy Cillian.
Frame is made from oak, nice and simple, love it!
And second framed work is my Momiji doll, which I stitched ages ago, I even forgot that I have it! :)
Going to hang it near my doll collection!
This frame is made from bamboo, and I this goes great with it!
By the way I never told father what I want, I just gave him my works! And he made me savage frames! Love them so much! Thanks Papa!!!

More works in progress, so please come to visit me again. I will have more to show!

As always yours FROGGY XXX


  1. i like :)
    but tell me where u take time? ;)

  2. Thanks Maria!
    Time is always there, just need to spread it well! :)


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