Thursday, July 11, 2013

Current projects...

Just decided to make post about stuff I am working on, to keep myself motivated and finish them (someday :). It is very hard to do anything at all at this stage, because we having very nice and hot summer!
Riesines in Red with black beads
Riesines in blue with white pearly beads
My new mobile phone case aka Phone Monster aka Phone Eater
(only one project here that is finished)
New case for my crochet hooks
A Lacy Flower Purse
My Vintage Cardigan going very slowly,
 but hopefully be finished in next two week
This lovely yarn came in the post today, going to do lovely cardigan with it!
Was a bargain too - 15 Pounds with delivery for 5(!!!) 100 g  skeins!

Gone to swim in the pool with my Little Man!

Enjoy you summer, wherever you are!

P.S. Added 'Pin it' button to my blog, 
so you easily can pin any of my pictures to you Pinterest
Just put your cursor on any of my pictures (left upper corner),
then click 'Pin it', 
and Voila - your done!

Froggy xxx

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