Friday, July 19, 2013

Granny's Summer Compote - Recipe

Hello blog!
Its very hot day here today, so we drinking a lot (water, sparkling water, juice and so on).
And I decided to use my precious Grannies fruit compote recipe.
It is very easy, taking little time to prepare and unbelievably refreshing and tasty! And you can use all sorts of fruits or berries you have in the house or your garden!

You will need:

* water (make sure you use bottled water, not from the tap)
* berries or fruits (I used: one orange, one apple, few        strawberries and handful of cherries)
* sugar

1. Put water to the pot to boil

2. Prepare your fruits and berries

3. When water is boiling add 2-3 table spoons 
of sugar (I am using caster sugar)

4. Add you fruits and berries

5. Let them to boil for few minutes (IMPORTANT:
don't over-boil!!!)

6. Cool it down, poor it the jug, add some ice and enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoying the Summer, we sure do!

With love,

Froggy xxx

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