Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wild Lilies by Blackbird Designs finally finished

Hello blog!
I finally finished stitching it! I am so sorry for that awful delay. Supposed to finish it ages ago, but managed just finish it now. And its not even framed or something, i didn't decide what i want to do with it yet.
Right so, job is done, and here are results:
And here how colors look in real life:

I was 4th stitcher  who stitch this travelling design. Its was stitched on 32 count Belfast Linen Vintage Country Mocha, with unknown threads( I used what I had). 
So if you want to be next stitcher to stitch this chat please leave the comment down below stating that you are interested in the drawing of this chart ( yes I am going to take someones name from the box). I will take the name on 17th of May!
Requirements for this draw are:

  1. You have to have an active blog
  2. Have to stitch this design very quick (sorry I was so bad at this point)
  3. After you finish stitching it pass it along to the next stitcher via a drawing on your blog
  4. Post you finish and the history of where the chart has traveled  like this:
So you all welcome to participate  Comment below and I announce next stitcher on 17th of May! Best of luck to everybody!

Froggy xxx


  1. I'd like to be the next stitcher !

  2. Очень нежный дизайн! Я бы поучаствовала, правда не могу обещать, что вышью очень скоро, если допускаются небольшие поблажки по времени, то запиши и меня! :)


Thank you for your time and your lovely comment!


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