Monday, August 9, 2010

Hand-dyed floss (froggy floss)

Wasnt blogging for a while, was sooo busy with preparations for my litl man. Its only 2 weeks left, so can happen any day from now. Ohh sooo excited! :)
Started to do few things - Renato Parolin tree, stitching litl strawberries on linen table cloth! So busy as bee!:)
Got 4 skeins of DMC White floss and was planning to hand-dye them with simple acrylic paints. And today decided to make my long ago planned dream come true :)
So first of all I cut 1 skein of DMC white to 4 pieces (about 2m each).

Then I dyed them with acrylics I had.

And the result is:

Now I have to let them dry, and then magic gona happen :) So keep cheking for another post.

Joy in the making,


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