Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hand-dyed floss (froggy floss), part 2

This post is all about magic happening! :)
So after they dried, I sqeeze and toss them with hands, to get away from excess dyes. Then I ironed them for few minutes. And left them for the night.
Today I wash them with soap (any soap will do) and put them nicely to the skeins.
Here skeins straight after ironing.

And here is finished result. Nice!

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  1. Алина, а после покраски акрилом они не стали жестче? Ты их уже пробовала?
    Просто я тоже хочу поэкспериментировать, поэтому всех мучаю, кто сам красит ниточки!


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