Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That strange word... Bactus

Was so bored today, finish one project and didnt wanted to started another one, waiting for my favorite 'Sew & So' stuff to arive, which gona happen in few days. Grrr... cant wait!!
So was bored and searching internet all over for new ideas and cool hand-made stuff. And guess what i found? BACTUS!!!
Bactus is a scarf or kerchief, which is soooo easy to make and it looks savage. So happy days, gona be busy for a few days!! yay!!
Joy in the making!!!
If you be interested in making one here's pattern with explanations, which i found helpfull.

Anyway if any questions - feel free to ask The Frog. She knows :()

Heres hows its gona look alike when be ready:

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