Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tatoo-styled Swallow

Hey hey its braggy time! Wanna share lovely swallow I just finish few days ago. Really in love with this tatto-styled design from Emily Peacock. Don't know yet where I'm gonna used it, maybe just put on the bag, or put in the frame. Hmm... hard desision!

Love this Emily Peacock's design!!!


  1. Hi! Was wondering weather you could help me! I need to know what color thread the yellow is?? Please could you help me. xx

  2. Hello there!
    Just find out for you that yellow color in the pattern is Anchor 302 (or if you are using DMC, its 743).
    Hope this helped.

  3. Thank you ever so much this has helped me alot!
    Could you also tell me what number the dark blue is?
    Sorry to be a pain!!! xxx

  4. You are welcome, no problems at all! Dark blue is Anchor 168 (or DMC 807). Glad to help you!


Thank you for your time and your lovely comment!


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