Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bye bye dreads and hello Hair...

Hello blog!
Wasn't blogging for a while, was busy and not in the mood lately. I am still pregnant, on week 40 now. And to be honest just can not wait to go to the labor at this stage!
Doing some knitting too, nothing major just few bits. mite show it in the next post or two. Finished my yellow top and hmmmm.. it didn't turned as I wanted (way too big, for size 14-16 I think, and I am only 8-10, so imagine).
Also what important I did in my life is - I BRUSHED OUT MY DREADS OUT!!! Wasn't happy with them lately, just grew up and got bored from them. And missed my hair madly!!! I had dreads for around 6 years, and enough is enough! Much happier now and can not wait to do loads of new retro hairstyles to them! They are not in greatest condition at the moment, but I have very strong hair so we getting there!

Hope everyone doing fine and getting ready
for Christmas!
We already have our tree up!

Froggy xxx


  1. Привет!Как ты похорошела!Усталость пройдет как родишь,тем более осталось не долго до появления нового человечка.

    1. Privetyk! Spasibo, starajus! Ese by poxudet skorej :)


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