Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im not Lazy!

Hello everyone!
Dont think i forgot my blog, or that Im lazy! Working on loads of things at the moment, just nothing to share really yet. No, one thing i want to share, even its not finished yet! Its granny square blanket, i love it!
Using all leftover yarn, that i found at home! This blanket be great on cold evenings, or on summer picnics! Yay, cant wait to finish!

Thanks for coming and visiting my blog, come again!

Always your Froggy XXX


  1. its going to look lovely in my garden, with the new lambs :) i love it! xxx

  2. great job, alina! congratulation!

  3. О, это одеяло кажется таким мягким и уютным, и наверняка оно такое и есть! :))) Остатки пряжи потрачены не зря ;), одеяло очень красивое!

  4. Cant wait for this Sinead!

    Thanks Deros!!

    Spasibo Airin! Da, ono ocen miakonkoje, nitki akrilovije!


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