Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Swap Received


Yesterday postman brought me a huge box from America! I was participating in Easter Swap organized by It's A Very Cherry World blog.
My partner was Tiffany, shes from America. Her amazing blog you can find here.
Was so much fun participating in this swap. This is what I sent Tiffany:

And this is what I recevied from Tiffany (was amazed when I opened the box):
This is how big the box was
Lovely Easter Goodies were inside
Vintage stuff, absolutely in love with it!

Amazing cookie cutters, they definitely be in use very soon
Lovely decoupaged eggs, Tiffany made them herself
In love with these vintage cards
Adorable bunnies, probably from 60s-70s 
Jeweled egg in the peat pot decorated by Tiffany too
Elvis Tin, how cool is that?
I love Elvis to bits, and when I saw this tin in the box,
my happiness was endless!
Tiffany also made very unique Easter Basket,
I am really so impressed with it!
Cant wait for Easter next year!
I actually thinking to celebrate Russian Easter this year too,
because my mama probably will be celebrating it!
Hope everyone doing very well!
We have amazing weather today, so I be gone for a walk with my Little Man!

Always yours,

Froggy xxx


  1. Glad you enjoyed everything!!! Happy Spring.... Tiffany

    1. I really did! Thanks a lot again! Happy Spring to you too!


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