Monday, October 11, 2010

Frog named...Spud or the best birthday present ever!

Today is my birthday! Yes it is! Im old now :( Only 27 :)
Got the best present ever. But wait now i start from begining.
I love frogs, maybe not just love, but adore them. Any frogs - toys or real frogs. Even have tattoo of frog on my arm. So you got me how much i love frogs.
And the best present for my birthday would be....yes! Frog!
But i wasnt expected to get real BULL FROG!!!! WOW! My perfect boyfriend got me real Bull Frog for my birthday, couldn't be better.
So here we go, make a friends - Heres Spud himself:

Getting nice worm for breakfast, yum! :)

Happy Happy Joy Joy! So our litl family got one more member! :)

As always yours,



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  2. Поздравляю!!!!!! Красоты,радости,успехов и много тепла!!!!!!!


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